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ZMAN Original Chatter bait 3/8oz

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The Original Chatterbait had a profound effect on freshwater fishing, with its patented design and unique hex-shaped ChatterBlade, the sound, vibration, flash and action are unmatched. Designed to 'swim' in an erratic motion that mimics wounded prey, it combines the action of a crankbait, profile of a jig and flash of a spinnerbait in one extremely effective lure.

With its hex-blade serving as a weed guard, The Original Chatterbait is ideal for fishing heavy cover such as weed and timber. It is suited to a range of retrieve speeds, allowing you to regulate depth with a slow roll, moderate retrieve, or it can even be burned without blowing out. The Original Chatterbait from ZMan includes a super tough, ElaZtech split-tail trailer for added attraction. If you fish the fresh, or are looking for a secret weapon in the salt on species like flathead, check out the irresistible sound, vibration, flash and action of The Original Chatterbait.