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Bait Finesse Fishing Gear BFS

Bait Finesse System BFS

Bait Finesse System (BFS) was developed in Japan. 

Although the Bait Finesse System was developed to catch bass, and purists would contend that it is strictly a bass fishing method, anglers in Japan started using BFS reels to fish for all species, Primarily Bream (chinu) Bass & trout. Seeing a potential new market, rod manufacturers developed rods specifically designed for the light lines and light lures that BFS reels made possible. 

BFS has its advantages, casting light lures accurately and quietly, as well as Zero line twist.

The BFS system consists of a baitcasting reel with a shallow, lightweight spool paired up with a baitcasting rod that has a lighter action than what’s typical. It’s essentially a baitcasting setup designed to be fished with light lines and lightweight lures that would traditionally be fished on spinning tackle. These reels typically weigh less than 7oz, have a low max drag, and are much smaller and more compact than your typical baitcasting reel. Pair one up with a light action casting rod that won’t snap 6lb test on a hookset and you have a state-of-the-art baitcasting system capable of slinging as light a bait as you desire!