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Yo Zuri Duel L Bass Shrimp 70SS Slow Sinking crank bait

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This is a unique product by DUEL. The L-Bass Shrimp aims at catching XOS Bream, as in reality it is a versatile, shrimp-shaped hard bait.

The DUEL L-Bass Shrimp features a semi-transparent body, with an L-Bass reflector installed inside, which reflects all available light to nearby predators. The flashing effect adds to the natural presence of the L-Bass Shrimp, as its shape and form is as real as they can get.

The lure has a wide lip, at a steep angle that creates a lot of water resistance and helps the lure act like a natural shrimp. The L-Bass Shrimp is an easy to handle lure with a natural underwater posture. With the mildest twitches, it creates spontaneous fluttering, standing up, shaking, creating a staggered effect. This is a slow pace, sinking lure, that looks like a natural shrimp. It can be an effective sinking lure, to fish close to the bottom, with a slow retrieve crank.

The DUEL L-Bass Shrimp comes with two treble hooks, one in the belly and one in the tail, either of which can be replaced with Assist Hooks.

Size:                70mm
Weight:           7 gram
Buoyancy:       Slow Sinking