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Yamatoyo Harris Fighter 100% Fluorocarbon Leader

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The Yamatoyo Harris Fighter Leader is a strong and hard-wearing fluorocarbon leader. Fluorocarbon leaders have a low visibility under water, which is important when fishing in clear water where line visibility has the potential to spook a fish from your bait or lure. It is also useful if the fishing is shut down and you want to try some finesse-style fishing. This line is rated to 4-pound and comes with 50 metres, so you have plenty of leader material for your next fishing trip. 

This is a true 100% fluorocarbon leader material which delivers the utmost strength and durability for the serious sports fisher. Harris Fighter has an extremely tuff external outer coating with a slightly stiffer internal core which incorporates to delivers the perfect blend for the harsh Australian environment.

    50M Spool 
Low visibility under water