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VARIVAS Avani Saltwater Finesse X8 Braid

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VARIVAS Avani Saltwater Finesse PE X8

The finest saltwater finesse PE line for those who pursue perfection

In designing this PE, the concept was to dominate saltwater finesse while pursuing the thinnest line. This is the flagship model from our VARIVAS lines, renowned for its premium quality.
With its unparalleled thinness, strength, and durability, the SALTWATER FINESSE X8 will unlock new heights for those who just aren’t satisfied with the status quo.

●A super-dense 8-braid PE that combines extreme thinness with unprecedented strength.
●Its impressive casting distance makes it ideal for any type of finesse fishing.
●The moderate tension prevents the line from getting tangled up with the rod.
●The 8-braids grant the line the strength to move easily through the wind and water.
●Its Crystal white color boasts high visibility and can be used both day and night.
※Comes with an original coaster

Color:Crystal White

# LB. Strength(kg) 150m BRAID
0.2 5.6 2.54
0.3 7.5 3.40
0.4 9.2 4.17