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VARIVAS Avani Light Game Super Premium PE Braid

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VARIVASAvani Light Game Super Premium PE 

Featuring the new "Super Premium PE" with maximum durability and strength! Additionally, the long-awaited 100m standard reel of the staple PE line for light games will be released!

●Thanks to the SP-PE (Super Premium PE) material, the line boasts stable strength and high durability even in thinner sizes.
●SP-V (VARIVAS' original special line coating) reduces friction with the rod guide and enables extremely long-distance casting.
※Our "Extra Coating Spray for PE" will help sustain the full effect of the SP-V coating.
●The 150m reel comes with 75m marks. Can be cut into the preferred length for any light game fishing.
*No markings on the 100m reel.
●Natural Blue color that excels in visibility and is resistant to stains and color loss.

Color:Natural Blue

# LB.
150m BRAID
0.2 5 150M
0.3 6.5 150M
0.4 8.5 150M