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TT Split Foam tackle Tray

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Strong, locking lure trays with high density split foam inserts.

Ideal for keeping vibes, blades, hard bodies and jigheads safe, dry and secure. Made with UV stabilised impact-resistant material, with secure locking tabs to prevent accidental spills. High density foam inserts have deep slits to hold hooks securely, stopping lures from rattling loose and tangling. Shallow trays have locking hinges on both sides of the lid, allowing you to remove the lid completely or open it from either side.

There are 4 sizes available including a small (shallow), medium (shallow), large (standard) and extra large (deep). Shallow trays are great for jigheads and small blades and vibes, the large tray is great for bigger jigheads, vibes and hard bodies, and the deep extra large is great for big plastics, stickbaits and swimbaits.

» SHALLOW SMALL: 205 X 155 X 35 (mm)
» SHALLOW MEDIUM: 255 X 195 X 35 (mm)
» LARGE: 275 X 195 X 45 (mm)
» DEEP EXTRA LARGE: 360 X 225 X 80 (mm