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TT React FC 100% Fluorocarbon Leader 100M

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React FC Fluorocarbon gives the angler the advantage, with excellent clarity, durability, and knot strength, along with extreme abrasion resistance.

Made in Japan, this premium 100% fluorocarbon leader is supple but strong, with a low memory that makes it easy to handle. Designed to pair perfectly with TT React X8 Braid, React FC comes with a bonus line tamer for spool management and is available in 2lb-50lb breaking strains in 100m, 80m or 50m spools.
Tournament tested and trusted.

  • 100% Fluorocarbon

  • Brilliant Clarity

  • Extreme Abrasion Resistance

  • Excellent Durability

  • Excellent Knot Strength

  • Low Memory, Easy Handling

  • Made in Japan

  • 100M Spools, Includes line management