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TT Nedlockz EWG Weedless Jighead

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The ultimate weedless Ned Rig System jighead allows you to take your Ned Rig fishing into the toughest environments you fish!

The logical next step in the Ned Rig System, the TT NedlockZ EWG allows you to rig your favourite ZMan Ned Rig plastics to fish heavy cover, such as weed, lilies, reeds, timber and other environments that fish love to hold in.

The NedlockZ EWG jighead combines a traditional mushroom-shaped, stand up head with a custom heavy duty #1 VMC extra wide gape hook, to allow for easy weedless rigging, without overpowering the finesse plastics, in turn ensuring maximum action. The moulded 'chin lock' keeper locks the soft plastic in place so that you can punch long casts, work the plastic aggressively if required and even on a missed strike your plastic is likely to be in place and still fishing for you.

Available in 1/15oz, 1/10oz, 1/6oz and 1/5oz (4 Per Pack), in Black, Green Pumpkin, Chartreuse or Orange, the NedlockZ EWG has you covered for all of your finesse Ned Rig presentations, whether shaking and dragging a TRD CrawZ, hopping and twitching a TRD BugZ, or swimming and stalling a 2.5" GrubZ or Slim SwimZ.

The Ned Rig System just got even more deadly... get it in there and get that fish out!

  • Ultimate Weedless Ned Rig Option

  • Traditional Mushroom-Shaped Head

  • Custom, Heavy Duty #1 VMC Extra Wide Gape Hook

  • Moulded 'Chin Lock' Keeper - Lock the Soft Plastic on the Jighead

  • Available in Natural & Strike Trigger Colours

  • Combines Perfectly with ZMan's 10X Tough Ned Rig Plastics (including the ZMan 2.5" GrubZ, 2.5" Slim SwimZ, 2.5" TRD CrawZ, 2.75" TRD BugZ and 3" TRD HogZ)