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Toray Fluoro Nanoslit Shock Leader 45m

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Toray Shock Leader Smooth Lock+- 45m

 TORAY Shock Leader Smooth Lock+ premium quality

Made in Japan    /    Length: 45m

100% fluorocarbon offering a unique technology: The surface of the wire is micro-grooved to prevent  knots from slipping, even on very small diameters.
  • thinner diameter than competitor fluoros with same breaking strain
  • Description

    High-class shock leader made of pure fluorocarbon. It is characterized by high resistance to abrasion and damage as well as stretching. Shock Leader Smooth Lock provides high strength with a relatively small diameter. Created in the Nano Slit® technology, thanks to which the knot connecting the shock leader with the braid has a much higher breaking strength. Nano Slit® is a technology patented by Toray® that significantly increases the breaking strength of the knot connecting the shock leader with the braid. It consists in making grooves with a size of 1/1,000,000 mm on the surface of the fluorocarbon, thanks to which the friction between the leader and the braid increases.

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diameter mm 0.148 0.185 0.218 0.260 0.310 0.370 0.470