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Sunline Tornade V Hard Plasma Rise Fluorocarbon Leader

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Sunline's patented technology "Plasmarise" has succeeded in forming a hard polymer layer on the surface of the line.

Like glass, it is scratch-resistant, and fluorocarbon leader is truly worthy of inheriting the name "Hard" has been completed.

new V-hard reforms the surface of the line into a highly slippery polymer layer by plasma rise. It transforms the surface of the line into high-hardness glass. As a result it allows the line to slip before the "wound" enters improving abrasion resistant greatly.

Up until now, the stronger the coating is in fluorocarbon leader, the better the abrasion resistance. However if the coating is increased, the suppleness of the leader is lost by that amount. If you lose your suppleness, the fish will not be able to swallow the bait well and it will be difficult to tie knots. 

However the new V-Hard has succeeded in reforming the surface to thin and hard while maintaining the suppleness against bending as the conventional product.

Comes complete with compact spool and color coded line retainer.

Colour: Clear

Length: 50m

Line classes: 2lb to 50lb

Made in Japan

Size Diameter (mm)
0.6 - 2lb 0.128
0.8 - 3lb 0.148
1.0 - 4lb 0.165
1.25 - 5lb 0.19
1.5 - 6lb 0.205
1.75 - 7lb 0.22
2.0 - 8lb 0.235
2.25 - 9lb 0.248
2.5 - 10lb 0.26
2.75 - 11lb 0.274
3.0 - 12lb 0.285
3.5 - 14lb 0.31
4.0 - 16lb 0.33