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Strike Pro Enticer Finesse Crab 2" soft bait

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The Strike Pro Finesse Crab is the most realistic soft plastic Crab ever developed with a superb action that just looks like the real thing. 

It can be rigged on a Standard Bullet type Jighead and used with a lift and drop technique or just slow rolled over the bottom. It can also be rigged on a HWS for a slower flutter on the drop, rigged with a Cobra style Jighead to stand up in a strike pose or even rigged on a 90 degree Jig Hook to fish across the top of Oyster Racks, Snags and Structure.

The Finesse Crabs are a Neutral Buoyant Soft Plastic that drops and sinks like a real Crab. Its legs flutter and move just like a natural Crab does as well and they are ‘SCENT INFUSED’ to smell just like the real thing!

The Finesse Crabs are deadly on Bream, Estuary Perch, Bass, Snapper, Drummer and all species that prey on Crabs.

Carapace 23mm x 20mm      6 pcs per packet     Scent Infused

Designed to be used with Jigheads #4