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Samaki Vibelicious 100mm Fork Tail Lipless Vibration Soft Bait

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Samaki Vibelicious Fork Tail Vibes

One of the top selling soft vibes on the market, the vibelicious from Samaki slays them all from big Barra and Threadies, mulloway and snapper, bream and bass and everything in between.

Samaki Vibelicious fish shimmers to life the moment it hits the water.

Mimicking the baitfish perfectly its irresistible to all predators whether it be on the drop, a slow retrieve, a hop, skip and a jump along the bottom or slow trolling method.

Samaki Vibelicious fish is constructed of the highest quality 10x material for maximum life expectancy against nasty teeth, ultra-strong Japanese wire for durability, Decoy Y-S81 hooks and Decoy EX Strong Split rings on 100mm and 125mm models to ensure repeated hook ups.

With so many species being caught on the Vibelicious the success rate of these lures is gaining a following within the market place like no other. Check out the new UVSquid and Midori Mullet!!

Product Features:

  • 10X Super Stretch Material
  • Decoy YS81 Hooks (100mm & 125mm)
  • Decoy EX Strong Split Rings (100mm & 125mm)
  • Premium Japanese Stainless Wire
  • Elongated Tail for enhanced shimmer
  • Life-like Shape and Action

Product Code: see colours
Brand: Samaki
Length: 10cm
Weight: 20g
Type: Vibe