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Samaki Split Foam Tackle Case

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The Samaki Split Foam Tackle Case's are the premium solution for your beloved collection of lures, flies and jigs! The soft split foam insert has slits and holes for you to utilise your tackle box to its maximum potential, making everything clearly visible and tangle-free! With a UV resistant lid that will reduce lure fade as well as making this tackle box more durable, and waterproof o-ring seal and stainless steel hinge pins ensure this tackle case is in good condition for years to come!


  • Waterproof O Ring Seal
  • Soft split foam insert for precise lure holding
  • Double Sided
  • UV Resistant to prevent Lure Fade
  • Stainless Steel Pin Hinges
  • Samaki Slit Foam Tackle Tray

    Small: Single Sided
    Medium: Double Sided
    Large: Double Sided
    XLarge: Double Sided

    Small: 18.8cm x10.3cm x 1.7cm

    Med:   19cm x 12.2cm x 2.4cm

    Large:  22.8cm x 16.8cm x 5cm

    Xlarge: 29.8cm x 21.8cm x 6.2cm