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RAID Level Crank Ping 33mm Crank Bait

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RAID Level Crank Ping

PING is a small, bite-sized round crank that speeds through the water like lightning.
A semi-long grip is installed to dynamically move the ultra-compact fat body with a total length of 33mm while guarding the front hook. When retrieving at mid-levels, it swims with a sense of power and stable high pitch swimming that is unique to a crankbait, which cannot be produced with a shad plug. When contacting the bottom, it bounces around the bottom while avoiding obstacles, stimulating the fish's predation circuit.
PING's body is intentionally designed to have a fat body shape that is almost spherical, creating a strong burbling action typical of a crankbait.
PING, which looks small but produces powerful waves, combines the delicacy of a shad plug with the power of a crankbait, and will be able to reach those itchy spots in situations where ``a shad plug is weak, but a regular crankbait is too strong.''
The bass are already falling in love with this gap in which he pretends to be cute and does his job properly.

Size:      33mm
JAPAN trebles
Weight: 3.5grams