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Pro Lure Ultra Gar 150mm Lipless Sinking Stickbait

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The Pro Lure Ultra gar is a lure that has been in development for many years and has been fine tuned to perfection. The Pro Lure Ultra Gar has slight variations between the models showing just how well this lure has been thought out. The Pro Lure 150S (sinking) has a single BKK hook on the rear and BKK trebble on the belly, this helps with the action and hook up rate of a sinking stickbait. The Pro Lure Ultra Gar 150F comes with twin BKK  medium guage Trebbles strong enough for Kings Longtail and any Pelagic species you can trow this lure at, and if you want to fish the Pro Lure 150F inshore then there is the 150F Topwater Flathead Model that comes with BKK Fangs that will have a better penetration when fish like flathead hit them in shallow water. 

Length: 150mm (15cm)

Weight: 35g

Hooks: Rigged with quality rings and BKK Hooks (Floating comes with 2x BKK trebles, sinking comes with a front treble but rear single and the flathead model is fitted with lighter guage treble hooks to better penetration and hook-setting power.

Wire Through Construction