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Pro Lure Clone Prawn 62mm Soft Bait

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The Long Awaited 62MM Pro Lure Clone Prawn, has had bream , bass and Estuary Fisherman eagerly waiting for its release, the Wait was worth it. This Lure is the perfect prawn imitation!! Clone Prawn 62mm has the perfect profile and size for our inland estuaries and the attention to detail on these lures is phenomenal.

Pro Lure clone prawns are specifically designed to imitate prawns found in coastal estuary systems, bays and rivers around Australia. Any species that have been known to eat prawns from time to time will surely be intrigued by these life like lures.

- 62mm Length

- Rigging: Use TT HWS or Atomic Seekerz Hidden for Slow gradual Sink or Rig with ultra light / Weightless and skip on the surface like a fleeing prawn as material is naturally buoyant. Rig with Weedless hook and cast hard into mangroves for Bream, Barra, Mangrove Jack and so many more species.

- Bream , EP, Bass and Estuary Species cannot Resist, Perfect prawn CLONE

- QTY Per Pack: 8