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OSP i-Waver 60 SSS Sinking Minnow hard bait

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OSP i-Waver 60 SSS Sinking Minnow Lure

『What’s i-Waver?』
I-motion lure has been regarded difficult because angler can’t get bite although fish chase it. There must be several reasons.
Therefore, we loaded all the necessary elements to increase chases of bass, without being detected and to get more bite, more catch.
To keep same column it is designed as super slow sinking, so slow retrieve is recommended.
The body of i-Waver is an imitation of unprotected dull small fish and it is easy to be detected by both fish and angler.
So you can cast it where you want, and you have more bite chance. 
And it keeps natural action because the joint part absorbs up and down movement of lure caused by waves and rod action. This movement makes bass U turn.
When you stop retrieving, it falls naturally from front body and even if it falls too deep you can bring it up by lifting front body. 
The hairs of i-Waver are made of special fiber. They sway in the water just like tail fin of small fish and attract bass strongly because tail has no hook. 
Also, two hooks dramatically decrease miss bite that is a weak point of i-motion lure.
Also, two hooks dramatically decrease miss bite that is a weak point of i-motion lure.

『How to use』
You have only to make it run 1 or 2 feet below the surface very slowly as if it were drifting. Then bass comes up and bite it. 
Standard retrieve speed is 5 seconds per 1 handle rotation when wind is calm. If it’s windy, retrieve speed becomes faster because line bends, so you have to adjust speed according to situation.
You can handle it like sight fishing, so you sometimes watch dynamic bite of big bass.
But you must not pick up too early because bass chase the lure slowly off the structure and bite it.
I-waver is the i-motion lure of next generation that can make big bass bite because it improved the weak point of I-motion lure.

Size:           60mm
Weight:      2.6grams
Buoyancy: Slow Sinking