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OSP DoLive Shadtail 2.5" Paddle grub Soft Bait

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Ultimate High Performance is concentrated in this body

The development of HP Shadtail worm started from creating small shadtail worm that can be good for various kind of rigs. Presumable technique is both just retrieve and shaking.

This can create powerful vibration and water displacement regardless of the speed you retrieve. And this is seldom possible for small shad tail worm.

When you use texas no weight rig(with #2~#3 offset hook) or jighead rig, this can create powerful wobbling action by just retrieve. And that vibration reaches even the worm head.

And if you use drop shot or neko rig with shaking action, its tail vibrates powerfully and displaces water strongly according to the rod work.

Moreover, it can be used as a trailer of Carolina rig or small rubber jig.

What should be mentioned is neko rig with 2.2g nail weight.

You can use it as reaction neko rig with 2.2g weight and drop it very fast. Not to mention, you can swim it with 0.3g weight.

High Performance and High Pitch. Hp Shadtail worm was named after these capital letter. The performance is quite high and high pitch.Every year bass is getting clever , but Hp Shadtail worm can catch them surely.

Size:    2.5"
Qty:     10 per pack