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OSP DoLive Shrimp 3" Soft Bait

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The action and wave motion is almost alive shrimp

Shrimp live in all over Japan and is the best favorite bait of bass because it has good taste and easy to catch.

DOLIVE SHRIMP express the movement of shrimp, trembling their arms and legs busily. Furthermore DOLIVE SHRIMP express faint vibration of shrimp’s arms and legs.

Ultra high speed vibration of upward hands occurs when DOLIVE SHRIMP falls or swims. And that vibration goes to leg, sensory tentacles and its flat tails. So, whole body trembles minutely. It is almost like a real shrimp drifting in the water.

Also, the upward hands have the effect to slow its fall speed. Its slow falling action with minute vibration of body increase bites while it falls dramatically.

Thanks for the low specific gravity material, after reaching the bottom, it keeps natural posture even if it is used very slowly with stay action.

No matter how you seduce bass, every part of DOLIVE SHRIMP works separately and induces bite with its lively action.

Why don’t you feel the extreme excitement when even experienced bream bite so easily because DOLIVE SHRIMP acts more like genuine shrimp.

Size:  3"
Qty:   8 pcs per pack