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OSP DoLive Shad 3.5" Soft Bait

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It generates bite both by swimming and falling

So far of Shad tail worm of Texas no weight rig acts lively by just retrieving, but if you stop retrieving it sinks with no action.

In other words, the instant you stop retrieving it loses power to generate bite. That is the weak point.

But, DOLIVE SHAD is different!

Now that it has acquired new action to swim voluntarily even when it falls, the weak point turned to be bite chances.

It falls with shaking its body and flapping its tail just like bait fish heading for bottom voluntarily.

You cast DOLIVE SHAD beside the cover and wait for fall-bite. If nothing happens, you can retrieve DOLIVE SHAD and tempt the chasing bass with fall action.

With this action it became possible to make the bass bite while DOLIVE SHAD falls. You can catch the fish you were not able to catch by just retrieving.

Moreover, it swings its tail firmly even when it is retrieved dead slow, but it swims very solid by fast retrieve and creates fascinating sound by buzzing.

DOLIVE SHAD is the one and only bait which you can generate bite by your own technique and direction.

SIZE: 3.5"
QTY:  7 per pack