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OSP DoLive Craw 2" Soft Bait

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OSP Do Live Craw Soft Plastic Lures

Whether used as a jig, chatter or spinnerbait trailer the Do live craw can add some serious bulk to your favourite bass bait, or as a standalone soft plastic presentation in the fresh and the salt.

The O.S.P Do Live craw has been a huge success in Australian waters. The realistic shape of this plastic perfectly represents many small crustaceans of which many of our popular sportfish feed upon.

The claws of the Do Live Craw pulsate as it swims along teasing predatory fish to take a bite. Along with the legs which vibrate as it moves. All this movement makes this one of the most realistic creature plastics on the market.

The 2" size has proven to be one of the big new hits on the Australian Bream scene. Whether you are fishing shallow under pontoons or deep structure such as reefs or rock walls the Do Live craw will quickly become a favourite.

​The larger sizes have quickly become a favourite amongst our freshwater anglers targeting bass, yellowbelly and even barramundi. Available in an array of natural colours and scented with natural squid scent.

 Product Features:



High Pitch Legs

Functional Body Shape

Its lively action drives fish mad!

QTY- 10 per pack