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OSP Bent Minnow 76F Surface Lure

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OSP Bent Minnow 76F Lure 

The O.S.P Bent Minnow is one of those "must have" lures in your tackle bag. It's highly erratic action and deadly rise on the pause make this lure a firm favorite of many. Available in a range of sizes and colours, the O.S.P Bent Minnow is as effective in the freshwater as it is in the salt!

Designed by renowned Japanese bass angler Toshinari Namiki, O.S.P lures have been hailed as one of Japan's best lure makers! Namiki is renowned for unique designs and prides himself on implementing new and exciting materials to produce truly perfect lures. O.S.P have some of the most unique and interesting lures on the market. Not only do these look different to anything else out there but the key to their success lies in their also highly original swimming action.

Original O.S.P lure is designed to respond to most many situations in every kind of field and any kind of anglers from beginner to expert. Nevertheless, condition is of infinite variety throughout the year like type of cover. Sometimes you can't fish with just one type. Namely, you need special arrangement which reacts strongly only at the time of a certain fixed activity, or you need exclusive snagless performance, or you need more distance even if you sacrifice action, like those occasion, you require special performance by sacrificing something. Therefore O.S.P WORKS SECONDARY is the tuned model that can catch more fish than original one in certain condition.

These tournament winning lures have now made their way to Australian shores and have instantly become a favorite amongst many anglers. Offering a huge variety of lures to suit almost every situation there is sure to be an O.S.P to suit your local species. Contact us today for a brochure and a rundown of all the O.S.P products. In the meantime, click through to the lures below to view information, videos and colours!

The O.S.P Bent Minnow is one of the most unique lures on the market. Combining the action of a shallow diving jerk bait and a topwater lure into one supremely deadly package.

The Bent Minnow floats on the surface like an injured baitfish. Imply a gentle twitch and the lure tries to dive under the surface. Perfectly imitating a struggling baitfish.

Work the bait more aggressively and the true appeal of this lure becomes apparent. Working just sub surface the Bent Minnow exhibits a very erratic action, appealing to any nearby predators.

 Product Features:

Made in Japan 

Length: 76mm

Weight: 4.3g

Type: Top Floating

Hooks: #10