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Munroes Soft Plastics 5.5" Flick Bait Soft Bait

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MUNROES Soft Plastics 5.5" Flick Bait

  • Specifically designed for all Australian Species
  • Baitfish Profile with forked tail for action on retrieve
  • Perfect Baitfish imitations
  • Proven Fish catching colour range
  • 4 lure Per Pack
  • 5.5" Size
  • Australian Made
  • As with all jerk baits on the market, there isn't really a lot of action gained out of the Munroes Soft Plastics FLick Bait, that is until they're twitched, jerked and ripped through the water column like a fleeing baitfish, then comes the tail action followed closely by the prey... Rig the Flick Baits with jig heads suitable to the depth of water/current you're fishing in, drop them down, then jerk them around and back up to the surface.

    The 3" Flick Baits are quite small and definitely best for inshore estuary use targeting species such as bream, bass, flathead, and trevally.

    The 4.25" & 5.5" Flick Baits can be used both inshore and in shallow offshore waters too, chasing anything from flathead through to snapper.

    The Munroes Soft Plastics are 100% australian made.


    • Jerk Bait design that works best with sharp flicks, jerks and twitches all throughout the water column
    • UV enhanced (some colours)
    • Made in Australia