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MMD Soft Prawn 50mm Soft Bait

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MMD Soft Prawn Australian Designed

The Ultimate lure for targeting Bream (BIG BREAM) and other river species. This 52mm pre-rigged soft plastic prawn is available in a range of colours.

These lures are made to imitate the small prawns found everywhere in our creeks, rivers and estuaries. Pre-rigged on a Size 2 Gamakatsu HW Hook it comes in 3 Weights (heavy 5.5g, Medium 3.3g and Light 2.1g) so there is a MMD Soft Prawn to suit every estuary Situation.


- Pre Rigged soft plastic

- Soft Prawn imitation of a real live prawns

- Available in a range of colours

 Length Weight Qty
52mm Light        2.1g 5
52mm Medium  3.3g 5
52mm Heavy      5.5g 5