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Megabass Magdraft Freestyle 6" Twinpack Swim Bait

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MAGDRAFT FREESTYLE is a great swimbait for Murray Cod , bass, barra, XL Trout and even saltwater flat predators! Featuring a a snub-nose design perfect for screw-lock hooks, a pre-cut belly and recessed top-groove, the FREESTYLE is built for easy rigging!

Preserving the hard-thumping tail action and deadly head-shake of the original, the FREESTYLE brings a new bag of tricks to the MAGDRAFT’s proven performance.  

Easy rigging with the Entice Treble harness (optional) just screw it in the nose. Also, you can rig them on a large weighted worm hook for snag free heavy timber fishing!

Packaged in a easy to store clamshell for best protection of your swimbaits!

6 inch, 2 per pack