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Kingdom KO-II Spinning Rod 2 pc Photonica

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Kingdom KO-II Fishing Rods All FUJI Accessories Travel Ultra Light Casting Rod Original Triangular 3A Cork Handle Spinning Rod

The KO-II Fishing Rods Designed By Kingdom & S Brand Technician.

It provides anglers the power and leverage for a better hook set.

This rod utilizes Previous "S" Brand Designer Design Technology and is built with premier rod-building technology to increase casting distance and accuracy.

The Fishing Rods features the FUJI F ring, FUJI K Support And Fuji reel seat with a original triangular 3A Cork Handle for sensitivity and comfort.

The Kingdom ko-II Fishing Rod loads easily for quick and accurate casts, offering you excellent performance.

Spinning(KOSF-662L) Length:1.98m | Shrinkage:102cm | Weight: 97.6g | Power:L | Action: F | Top Dia./Bottom Dia.:1.5/8.1 | Lure Weight: 3-10g| Line Weight: 4-8lbs

Spinning(KOSF-702ML) Length:2.13m | Shrinkage:110cm | Weight: 113.1g | Power:ML | Action: F | Top Dia./Bottom Dia.:1.7/9.1 | Lure Weight: 6-18g| Line Weight: 5-10lbs

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