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JC Customs Hard Baits Crank bait, Swim Bait, Minnows

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JC Customs, are an Australian based Lure Painter, Precise colour choices for australian fish. The guys behind JC customs have 40yrs in Australian Bass and Bream Tournaments, colours hand picked for our aussie species.

All fitted with quality split rings and Chemically sharpened trebles.

Model Type  Length Weight Depth Buoyancy
 Minnow M1  Jerkbait Minnow 80mm   7.8 gr  Mid Diver Floating
 Minnow M2 Jerkbait Minnow  65mm  4.2 gr  Shallow  Floating
 Crank CB1 Deep Crankbait  55mm  10.5 gr   Deep Floating
 Crank CB2  Mid Crankbait  55 mm  5.8 gr  Mid Diver  Floating
 Crank CB4 Deep Crankbait 35mm  3.8 gr  Deep  Floating
 Crank CB5 Double Deep Crankbait  55mm  6.2gr  Double Deep  Floating
Swimbait SB1 Swimbait 110mm 17 gr Sinking Sinking