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Jackall Piku Piku 65 Surface Lure

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The Jackall Piku Piku 65 is a totally unique lure with its curved lipless jerkbait like body and unique two eyelet configuration. When tied on to the front eyelet this lure can be worked in a jerking motion causing an extra erratic response each time it moves.

However, what sets the Piku Piku 65 apart from other lures is the top eyelet. When tied on to the top eyelet the Piku Piku acts as a dying baitfish imitator. With just light movements of the rod tip the Piku Piku will twitch sideways on the surface, creating small ripples just like a minnow in its final moments. This unique action helps draw in weary fish and is effective even in the most pressured of waters.

  • 65mm
  • 3g
  • Floating
  • Curved Shape
  • Owner #12 Hooks