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Jackall Nagisa 65SP Minnow

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Length:  65mm (97mm including tail )   2.6in (3.8in including tail)

Weight: 3.8g (0.13oz)

Buoyancy: Suspending

Jackall NAGISA 65SP is one of the hottest "i-shape" minnow bait in Japan.   Under the spooky condition, the most natural movement is required to catch the big fish.   "i-shape" movement has been kept as a secret by the top tournament anglers in Japan  to catch the big bass, but finally released .  The key technique of "i-shape" movement was to minimize the small unnatural shakes, and keep the real straight direction.  NAGISA 65SP made this key technique automatic with its special body design, and realized perfectly natural bait fish like form.