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Jackall Knockin Jaw Vibe / Blade

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Featuring a unique protruding jaw to help amplify its vibration and convey information about the bottom, the Jackall Knockin Jaw Blade Bait searches laterally while knocking and deflecting off obstacles with its reinforced metal jaw. Perfect for both vertical and horizontal presentations, this blade bait offers three separate line tie positions so the action can be adjusted according to your strategy and how deep you intend on fishing.

Diving sharply as it falls to induce aggressive reaction strikes, the Knockin Jaw starts quickly to provide high-performance metal vibration regardless of your retrieve speed. Complete with realistic 3D eyes and a range of flashy paint finishes, the Jackall Knockin Jaw Blade Bait is armed with a premium snap and two razor-sharp double hooks to improve its snagless capabilities.

Jackall Length Weight
Knockin Jaw 46 mm 1/4oz
Knockin Jaw 52 mm 3/8oz