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Jackall Charablade 14g Chatter Bait

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Jackall Charablade Chatterbait Lure 14g

Produced by Susumu Yoshioka

The new Charablade from Jackall is an articulated chatterbait which allows the angler to rig in a variety of ways. Attach a weedless hook for heavy cover or a grub style trailer for open water or vertical applications, the Bass fisho's will be all over this.

Product Features

  • High appeal with its flashing blade, and makes a stress-free comfortable action even in the current. The EYE is designed for each snap attachment.
  • Hooks can be removed easily and quickly for different situations. Like weedless riggs or open water casting.
  • HOOK FREE STRUCTURE is applied so hook is changeable. It restrains lure rotation and contributes for long cast.
  • EASY RUBBER skirt rubber is easy to install/uninstall. you can change the skirt’s color depending on situation.

Product Code: CHARAB

Brand: Jackall Bros

Weight: 14g