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Jackall Break Blade 3/8oz Chatter Bait

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Outstanding action response.

The basis is a highly balanced design that can handle a wide range of retrieve speeds. On the other hand, by combining the trailer and reeling work to be used, it has the exquisite flexibility of intentionally "breaking the balance". BREAK BLADE is what makes it possible to take the approach you want. It is possible to use it properly according to the situation, such as searching with stable action and good tempo (shad tail And it is the existence of a lineup that is specially designed up to the blade for each weight that further expands the range of correspondence.

** NOTE Some images may not display picture of the Blade, be assured each lure includes the bladed jig **

・ 1/4oz ideal for speedy search of shallows
・ 3/8oz Highly stable and most versatile