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Jackall 2300D W - Double Open Tackle Tray

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  • JACKALL Quality
  • Double Open, open both left or right or both sides
  • 5.5mm divider spacing customise to your lure sizes
  • 234 × 195 × 40 mm
  • Available in Clear Red and Black Smoke colours
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Systematic storage makes your fishing more comfortable
Compact and easy to use Tackle Box made of high impact polypropylene material and is a small case that can be stored systematically, without damaging the lure.
A thin W-open type that can be opened and closed with a single touch from either the left or right for easy use. The inner divider is set with a (5.5 mm) pitch, so it can be adjusted to fit the size of the lure, and it is designed to be firmly fixed, so it does not slip easily. Both models are made in Japan with high precision and are resistant to distortion and deformation.


*Please be aware that if left in a car or in a location exposed to direct sunlight or in places where it is exposed to high temperatures and humidities for a long period of time may lead to deformation, breakage, or deterioration of the case itself and the hard lures (plug) stored in it. *Soft lures and elastomeric materials may melt and deform if left for a long time. *If the printed surface of the box has been adhered to soft lures (worm) or worm oils, the printed areas may melt or peel off. *Please be aware that metal lures such as lead and tungsten may damage due to strong rough impact inside the case. *Do not use benzine, thinner, etc., or use near open flames, or submerge in boiling water.