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Imakatsu Do-No Shad 60mm Crank bait

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Shad plugs are the most frequently used in Japanese bass fields

among all kinds of obstacle-avoiding, staggered hard plugs . However, since it is intended to be used on the light line, its only weakness is that it suffers from a large number of losses. In order to overcome such weak points of shad lures, Kasumi Design's Do-No Shad incorporates as much obstacle avoidance performance as possible . The hook beat system developed by Kasumi Design induces a slight staggered action unique to shad even when retrieved in a straight line, and has the ability to bring even neutral bass into bites , as well as obstacle avoidance ability not found in previous shad plugs. I have. A completely new type of cranking shad Do-No The ``Do-No'' in shad has the meaning of ``Do nothing.''

Length:60mm Weight:7g Type:Floating