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Hurricane Lures Sting 37 Blade / Vibe

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  • Type: Blade (shimp pattern)
  • Length:37mm
  • Weight:5.7grams
  • Buoyancy: Sinking
  • Hooks: Single assist x2
  • Suitable for: Freshwater fishing or Saltwater fishing. Great for targeting species such as Australian Bass, Bream, whiting, flathead, perch and more in lakes and rivers.


Now here’s a blade fishing lure with plenty of versatility that will drag in any hungry predator looking to lunch on wounded prey. The Hurricane Sting 37 Lure works brilliantly in a host of inshore applications. It’s a must have in the lure box particularly when for you a casting around different structures, geographical and man-made. The Hurricane Sting 37 responds to a number of fishing styles which means you can move from place to place within your lake, river or estuary system and simply change retrieve style and not change lure.

The Hurricane Sting 37 Lure for sale now can be worked anywhere in the water column. You can lift slow or fast, jig vertically or retrieve with a slow roll. The super-fast vibration hits peak the moment it hits the water. Whether you lift large or with discretion your Hurricane Sting 37 will be vibrating at peak.

The vibrating motion and vibration sound it creates the sort of alert to fish that bring them in from a distance. Their senses are attuned to the sounds of wounded prey, and they will converge on the area from some distance if they feel an easy lunch is on offer.

The Hurricane Sting 37 Lure is brilliant in both the fresh and the salt. You can target a host of fish including Bream, Bass, Flathead, Trout, Yellow Belly, other perch breeds and more. If you’re hunting Bream in the cooler months, when they’re hanging lower in the water column and a little more sedate in the estuaries, your Hurricane Sting 37 Lure is a likely candidate for switching on their desire to feed voraciously.

The Hurricane Sting 37 Lure is available in a couple of colours (choose your preferred colour when ordering