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Gosen Answer AJING PE 150m Braid

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A special PE line for ajing that pursues ease of handling with exquisite "tension" and "kosi".
Uses a line color that is highly visible even when fishing at night, improving operability and avoiding troubles.

Product Features:
["MPX" x "HDX" manufacturing method]
By using the MPX manufacturing method, which assembles the raw yarn at high density, it is possible to achieve a high level of abrasion resistance and impact resistance by adjusting it for each size. In addition, the HDX manufacturing method, which accurately assembles raw threads with high tension, achieves strong stabilization and high sensitivity.
["Firmness", "Firmness", and "High Sensitivity" created by Gosen's unique "SG processing"]
GOSEN's unique "SG processing" creates "Firmness" and "Firmness" that are ideal for Aging, and has excellent operability! The design that suppresses the initial elongation also realizes "high sensitivity" that does not miss the bite of horse mackerel!
[Line color with excellent visibility]
Uses a line color with excellent visibility even when fishing at night! Excellent visibility improves operability and avoids troubles!
[Line color]
Cocktail orange