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Gladiator Smash Popper 54mm Surface Lure

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Gladiator Smash Popper 54mm

This lure from GLADIATOR blends the profile of a small prawn with the cup face of a popper to perfectly mimic a small prawn resting or fleeing on or across the surface of the water. At rest, the lure floats head down in the water. When the lure is being worked across the surface the cup face displaces water to “call” fish to the surface. The lure can be used by dead sticking the lure, slow rolling or a popping action. The ridged body adds realism to the lure and helps displace water making more disruption on the surface. The lure was developed in Australia by GLADIATOR Tackle with the whiting and bream surface bite in mind but will work on any fish that hunts small prawns or baitfish.

Length: 54mm
Weight: 4.1g
Hooks: BKK #14