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Fish Craft B Cranky 38mm Shallow Crank Bait

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The new 2022 range of Fish Craft lures is a total game changer! Quality hardware, realistic Japanese designs and unrivalled actions never before seen in lures this price! With a massive model range to choose from and a design to suit nearly every species in the country, the Fish Craft range will soon be your tackle box favourite.

BREAM Look Out, the Fish Craft B Cranky 38 is a purpose designed lure for targeting all estuary and fresh water species but specifically Bream. Tuned to swim straight out of the box B cranky has a great action, Shallow version dives to 0.6m so is great over Shallow Weed and Mud flats, Rocks and Oyster Leases.


38mm Shallow - 3.6g, #12 Treble, 0.6m Diving Depth, Floating