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Fish Candy Skinny Dog 65 Surface Lure

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There’s nothing quite like working the top water for explosive action and aerial antics. The Chasebaits Skinny Dog Lure has a unique walking on water action that will send the likes of Whiting, Bream, Trevally, Jacks, cod and others into a fish frenzy. Cleverly designed forward facing wings/feathers, generate an irresistible commotion that inspires aggressive strikes.

The Skinny Dog fishing lure is versatile. You can employ any number of techniques from walking the dog, to rolling and twitching. It’s this versatility that is the lures strength. The 65mm size option is ideal for covering a broad range of target species.

Another strength of the Chasebaits Skinny Dog Lure is that it is so very easy to use. A precision lure in the hands of an experienced angler, it’s also a fantastic for introducing a newbie to the excitement of fishing the top water with hard body lures. It’s nigh on impossible to make mistakes. It’s very straight forward to generate a fish enticing action.

While a few models contain rattles, every model comes rigged with super sharp Decoy hooks.

The Chasebaits Skinny Dog Lure is likely to be worth its weight in gold around the estuaries and salt water rivers in the summer. As the heat increases so does the action on the surface. Get your Chasebaits Skinny Dog lure up and walking with a couple of gentle flicks and you’ll likely be monstered by something big and predatory.

Start casting you Chasebaits Skinny Dog Lure now. Create plenty of excitement for the fish, and the fish will return the favor tenfold.


  • Lengths: 65mm
  • Weight: 4 grams
  • Type: Floating, Top water
  • Hooks: Decoy Trebles (rigged)
  • Suitable surface fishing lure for bream, bass, perch, whiting and a host of other fresh or saltwater fish


  • Easy to generate outstanding lure action.
  • Ideal for a broad range of target species including freshwater and saltwater fish species.
  • Insightful colour and size selection provides excellent scope for refining your rig to suit targets and conditions.
  • Responds well to varied retrieval techniques.
  • Several effective actions depending on retrieve style.
  • Outstanding build and design qualities.
  • A proven fish catcher that will increase your haul.

Flexibility and variety on the top water is what the Chasebaits Skinny Dog Lure is all about. Grab yourself one or a selection of colours and start coaxing monsters to the surface