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Fish Arrow Flash J Shad 4" Soft Bait

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Fish Arrow Flash-J Shad Paddle Tail Soft Plastic Lure

Original Soft Baits

4” – Quantity 6 pack

If you are after second to none realism when it comes to soft plastics, the look no further than Fish Arrow. The whole range features an aluminium foil insert for added flash and attraction, as well as life-like eyes, lateral line and gill detail. With a pattern in the line-up for species from trout in the fresh to kingfish in the salt, Fish Arrow plastics are a next level option to add to your arsenal.

Born out of the success of the Flash J in Japan, the Flash J Shad is 3 inches long and comes in 7 pack. This ultra-realistic soft plastic appeals to multiple species across both fresh and saltwater areas.

Its major characteristic is the swimming shad tail which when combined with the realistic looks and action of the J shad, makes it irresistible to bass and other predatory species. The aluminium foil inserts acts as a backbone in the plastic and helps to produce bait fish imitating flashes and attracts aggressive strikes.  It can be rigged either weedless or with a jighead.


Product Features:

- Features an aluminium foil insert for added flash and attraction

- Life-like eyes

- Huge range of lifelike colours