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Evergreen Kicker Frog Jr Surface Lure

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Evergreen Kicker Frog Jr

A Frog worth having in your bag! Evergreen Kicker Frog Jr is  a compact sized frog, but has the perfect amount of presence on the water. It's easy to suck in and has a great hookup rate (unlike many other frogs) due to is unique tall body shape and hook setup (single hook vs the usual double hook setup of many frogs). These little frogs also cast a mile and have a great action on the surface to draw the bites that matter. Like many frogs, it's a hollow body and this soft form allows it to push water around, just like a natural frog. It skips well, it doesn't foul snags easily, yet gets the hookup. Win win!!

The design features six vertical keels along the abdomen, reducing surface contact with the water and allowing a fluid natural sliding swim action with the silicone tail. Zinc internal weight system helps secure your frog to the hooks and keeps lead out of our waterways. The Single Decoy worm hook is super strong and once it goes in, it's staying there

Kicker Frog Jr is worth having in your kit and for anything that eats topwater, not just a bass lure! This little guy will bring bites from everything from bream, perch and trout to flathead and cod. Saratoga and northern species are a sucker for these too!


  • Size: 45mm
  • Weight: 8g
  • Integrated Decoy Hook
  • Evergreen JAPAN