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Evergreen Corsair 50mm Sinking Stick Bait Minnow

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  • ■ Fat tail design

Unique fat tail design that is fat when viewed from the top and bottom, and slim when viewed from the side.-The tail is designed to be fat, and by giving it firm buoyancy, weights can be placed at the rear of the body without sacrificing action response. As a result, both outstanding flight distance and high action response due to a stable flight attitude are achieved. -By designing the side slim, the vibration generated during action is natural.

■ Low center of gravity molding weight

A low center of gravity molded weight fixed at the optimum position on the bottom of the body. The lower center of gravity enhances the action response, and the air chamber inside the body becomes larger and the buoyancy increases, which also contributes to the action response.


Lure Weight
3.3 g
Lure Length
50 mm
Lure Type
Lure Range
0.1 — 0.5 m