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Ecogear Aqua Sunamogurar 55

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Ecogear Aqua Sunamogurar is a brand new edition to the very effective and popular Ecogear Aqua range. Made from a 100% biodegradable, amino acid rich, material that attracts fish and makes them hang on when they bite.

EcogearAqua Sunamogurar is designed to look like a small crustacean, such as a shrimp, yabby, nipper or prawn, It has a very appealing action as it falls through the water column as well as a realistic profile.

Sunamogurar is ideal for Bream but will entice a broad variety of species including Flathead, Bass and Whiting. 

Body Length:
55mm 2.1 inches
Lures in Packet: 6
Class: Soft Plastic