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Ecogear ZX30 Vibration Blade Lure 30mm 3.5g

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To most the Ecogear ZX needs no introduction, it's one of the most versatile blades on the market and is a proven tournament winner. The Ecogear ZX blades are much more than a standard vibration bait, combining realistic shrimp-like legs with the hooking capabilities of two assist hooks, yet still maintaining maximum vibration.
The Ecogear ZX30 is a bream specialist but will work on most fish species. They're effective fished either on the drop or slowly rolled back in at your preferred depth. They are so life like in the water it is easy to see why the fish get fooled, combine that with a seductive vibration in the water and you have yourself a true weapon!
Lure Details:
Origin - Japan
Designer - Takayoshi Orimoto with Australian Pro Staff influences
Target Species - Bream but will work on most fresh and estuarine species
Lure Type - Sinking vibration bait
Body Shape - Shrimp/prawn shaped - blade lure
Body Length - 30mm blade length with extended assist hooks
Colour choice - 10 colours available
Depth Range - Any depth range
Action - Vibrating blade style lure
Weight: 3.5g
Length: 30mm
Type: Sinking/Vibration