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Ecogear VX35 Vibration Blade Lure 35mm 3.5g

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Ecogear VX35 Blade Fishing Lure

The Ecogear VX35 fishing lure is responsible for starting a phenomenon amongst the tournament scenes representing the ultimate balance of size and weight in a metal blade lure.

This exciting lure is another brilliant innovation from Ecogear so you can expect the same quality and performance as the rest of their famous line up.

The Ecogear VX35 fishing lure has highly detailed designing and craftsmanship making this a second to none blade fishing lure.

 The Ecogear VX35 fishing lure has a huge following amongst Bream anglers and its success on the Tournament scene speaks for the performance of this lure!

The Ecogear VX35 fishing lures have two tow positions that change the way the lure vibrates and swims on retrieve.

For flat retrieves the front tow point is best, and is ideal when casting larger distances and searching for fish over large areas.

For a strong vibration when retrieving vertically and targeting deeper fish use the rear tow point. The Ecogear VX35 fishing lure can also be used for jigging in deep water with ultra-light tackle when targeting bottom predators.

The Ecogear VX35 fishing lure is dynamite on Bream, Flathead, Trevally, Whiting and almost any species you’re likely to find in an estuary. On the freshwater scene the Ecogear VX35 fishing lure is great for targeting Trout, Bass and other Perch species.


Features and Specifications

  • The Ecogear VX35 fishing lure weighs 5 grams

  • Twin tow points for carrying actions in deep and shallow water

  • Available in a huge colour range

  • High quality split rings and trebles

  • Detailed designing and craftsmanship

  • Irresistible vibrating action
  • Suitable for both fresh and saltwater

Ecogear VX35 Blade

Length: 35mm
Weight: 3.5g
Type: Blade Vibe
Hooks: Owner Treble