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Ecogear FishLeague Egilee Dartmax Squid Jig

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  • “EGILEE DARTMAX” produces a completely different dimension of dart action to the existing EGI.
  • By placing the line eye on top, the unique dart action can be easily made with a slight jerk.
  • Head section which strongly hits the water current is made as slimly as possible. This increases sharpness of darting action and control.



A new range of UV Reactant coated lures has been added to the unique darting action DARTMAX squid jig lineup. In deep areas and low light conditions such as early morning or cloudy water standard lure colours can blend in to the surrounding environment. However the UV Reactant coated lures reflect UV light which penetrates deep into the water. This makes the base colour stand out more for improved appeal to squid in the area. N.B. Image shown represents the tests conducted by Marukyu co., ltd. using DARTMAX TR.


The “MAJO CLOTH” lineup features a unique material that changes colour depending on the viewing angle. The chrome finish and specially processed MAJO CLOTH reflect ultra violet light, for a strong appeal that attracts and entices squid.

Apply EGIMAX or Pro Cure Squid Spray Scent for added results.
Designed and Tested in Japan
Weight Fall Speed
#2.5 11g 4.4s/m
#3 17g 3.0s/m
#3.5 19g 2.7s/m