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Dstyle Ichirin 70F jointed Surface Lure

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Straight from the Dstyle Stable in Japan, comes the Ichirin 70F dying baitfish

  1. Most of the smelt type plugs up until now have imitated dead fish.

    When real smelt swim, they move their tail fins even when they are on the verge of death, and Ichirin was able to achieve this movement with a hard lure.

    Attract the fish that come to watch but never bite with a realistic tail fin action, and kill the bass with an escape action that turns on the fish.

    With just one tap, you can make any approach that prey on smelt and small fish near the surface. Don't let one valuable animal escape.

    *Ichirin's bowing posture changes depending on the water temperature and line thickness. Please make adjustments by changing the size of the snap or split ring.

  2. Characteristics of Ichirin

    ・Just rolling action

    ・Dying action

    ・Roll action

    ・Diving action

    It is possible to change the diving depth based on the eye position.

    Front eye: normal position

    Second eye: roll position

    Third eye: dive position

    Size:           70mm
    Weight:      3.3gr
    Buoyancy:  Floating