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Dragonfly Crawler 80mm Surface Lure

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The Dragonfly Crawler Topwater is made to mimic a struggling baitfish on the surface trying to flee from predators, this lure features a highly realistic shad body and ultra-thin, high strength folding wings that are mounted to the rear of the bait, which creates a unique wobbling action of the surface on a steady retrieve. 

Fitted with two chemically sharpened trebles, Crawler will provide unmatched hook penetration and holding power once a fish strikes, to increase the chances of the angler to land their PB. Covered in custom air brushed paint jobs and finished with lifelike 3D eyes and gill plates to fool smart lure-shy bass, the Imakatsu Aventa Crawler Vazelle Topwater is an innovative topwater that most fish have never seen before.

Product Specifications:

Type: Topwater Floating Lure

Length: 8cm

Weight: 6.5g