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Dragon Maggot 4" Grub Soft Bait

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DRAGON 4" 11g Maggot Worm
1 Packet / 8 Plastics
We recommend two most effective ways of fishing with MAGGOT.
The first is the classic, aggressive playing on heavy jig head. The lure should be started from the bottom with high speed and then fall down on the straight, tight line.
In the second method we retrieve the lure quite slowly, it should almost not loose contact with the bottom. Sand and silt particles will attract predators attention. Bites are often quite delicate, so it’s recommended to watch the rod tip at all time. The weight of jig head for this way of fishing should not be too big, all what we need is to feel contact with the bottom.
If you are targeting Big flathead, Jewfish, Cod or anything that eats a Worm, this bait is for you
Suggested hook size 4/0 - 6/0